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Page Title: Overseas Service
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assigned   as   an   instructor   according   to   the ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter  10,  or  a  recruiter  according to the ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 11. LOCATIONS OF DUTY STATIONS To  determine  possible  worldwide  duty  station locations, refer to the ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 25. Also use the Homeports and Permanent Duty Stations; Establishment, Disestablishment and Modification of Activities   of   the   Operating   Forces   of   the   Navy, OPNAVINST 3111. 14U, to obtain the location of home ports of ships, squadrons, units or staffs, and other deployable  fleet  activities. OVERSEAS  SERVICE Overseas   service   is   defined   as   military   duty performed  while  assigned  to  a  military  installation  or activity   permanently   based   outside   the   CONUS. (Hawaii  is  considered  an  overseas  area,  but  is  exempt from  personnel  screening  requirements  [except  for Barking  Sands]  stated  in  the  ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter 4, Article 4.011.) According  to  the  ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter  24, item 275, modified overseas screening applies for Diego Garcia and Midway Island. The Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignment, NAVPERS 1300/16, part I, part 11, and questions 3, 7, 8, and 9 of part 111 should be completed.  Question  19  of  part  III  requiring  final approval  and  signature  of  the  CO  should  also  be completed. For  personnel  being  assigned  to  the  Key  West, Florida,  area,  a  Report  of  Suitability  for  Overseas Assignment, NAVPERS 1300/16, parts I and II should be completed as well as question 19 of part III requiring final  approval  and  signature  of  the  CO. Members  being  assigned  to  any  USNS  vessel; oceanographic   unit;   USS   La  Salle;  Commander, Maritime   Propositioning   Ships   Squadron (COMPSRON  ONE,  TWO  and  THREE);  Commander, Middle East Force (COMIDEASTFOR); and Commander,   Standing   Naval   Forces   Atlantic (COMSTANAVFORLANT)  (staff)  require  complete overseas screening even though these vessels/units are home-ported  in  CONUS. Many  other  isolated  CONUS  locations  require completion  of  parts  I  and  II  (medical)  of  overseas screening.  Locations  include  Fallen,  Nevada;  San Clemente   Island,   California;   Sugar   Grove,   West Virginia;  Meridian,  Mississippi;  and  Winter  Harbor  and Cutler,  Maine.  his  requirement  is  imposed  due  to  the limited medical facilities at these locations. Overseas  service  may  be  categorized  as  preferred overseas shore duty (SSC 6), overseas shore duty (SSC 3), nonrotated sea duty (SSC 4), neutral duty (SSC 5), and partial sea duty (SSC 7). SELECTION OF PERSONNEL FOR OVERSEAS  SERVICE The CO of the transferring command determines suitability of personnel for overseas service. The CO decides  whether  the  member  or  dependents  possess  any performance,  disciplinary,  financial,  psychological, medical,  or  physical  attributes  that  would  prevent  them from  conducting  themselves  as  representatives  of  the United States in a foreign country. This decision must be based on a series of steps beginning  with  a  detailer  at  CHNAVPERS  (PERS  40) or  EPMAC  nominating  the  member  for  overseas  duty and     ending     with     a     message/NAVGRAM     to CHNAVPERS  (PERS  40  and  PERS  462)  from  the  CO indicating the suitability of the member and dependents for  overseas  duty.  In  the  case  of  nondesignated SN/AN/FN, the message must be addressed to EPMAC with an information copy to CHNAVPERS. Suitability  screening  includes  reviewing  the member’s service record, drug and alcohol program advisor  (DAPA)  and  urinalysis  screening,  physical readiness status, checking the medical and dental fitness of  the  individual  and  his  or  her  dependents,  and interviewing  for  suitability. A face-to-face interview between the CO of the transferring   command,   the   service   member,   and dependents, if any, is desirable. If this is not possible, the CO must make sure such an interview is conducted by an experienced and knowledgeable representative. In all cases, the CO must sign the Report of Suitability for Overseas  Assignment,  NAVPERS  1300/16.  This authority must not be delegated except to the officer acting or to officers in charge of isolated detachments. Upon request of the CO, a skilled interviewer (such as a chaplain, command career counselor, command master chief, Navy social worker, or specified family service center staff member) may also be included to determine  overseas  suitability. Dependents must be screened even if the member elects an unaccompanied tour. This is to make sure the member does not have the potential for early return from an  overseas  location  because  of  an  existing  family 2-14

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