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Page Title: Pay and Allowance Documents Preparation and Submission
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RELEASING AUTHORITY The  message  releaser  is  a  properly  designated individual  authorized  to  release  a  message  for transmission  in  the  name  of  the  originator.  The individual’s  signature  validates  the  content  of  the message and affirms compliance with message drafting instructions  contained  in  the  NTP  3  and  related publications.  Also,  the  releaser’s  signature  authorizes transmission of message. A senior PN will normally release  messages  while  standing  duty  as  command  duty officer, or when he or she is designated by the CO or officer  in  charge  (OIC). REPORTS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM According   to   SECNAVINST   5214.2B,   reports management  is  required  to  make  sure  reports  and reporting   systems   provide   necessary   information effectively,  efficiently,  and  economically. Information   is   vital   to   the   success   of   any organization and provides the basis for management decisions. Specific types of data are needed to meet particular requirements. Reports are the major means for providing this data. Reports management encompasses the  development  of  reports  and  reporting  systems.  As conditions or needs change, reports management must provide for improvement of reports or systems. SECNAVINST 5214.2B contains information on reports  control,  reports  analysis,  internal  reports,  public reports,  interagency  reports,  and  a  self-inspection  guide for  managers. PAY AND ALLOWANCE DOCUMENTS PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION Pay and allowance documents must be prepared according   to   instructions   contained   in   the PAYPERSMAN or the SDSPROMAN. The screening of pay and allowance documents is the responsibility of all  personnel  handling  the  documents. The office that prepares optical character reader (OCR) or SDS documents for input to CHNAVPERS or DFAS   -   Cleveland   Center   should   establish   local procedures to make sure the preparation of documents follows  instructions.  In  addition,  local  procedures should provide for proper storage and handling of forms, OCR typewriter maintenance, and review of completed documents. The office that forwards OCR or SDS documents to CHNAVPERS  or  DFAS  -  Cleveland  Center  will  set  up local  written  procedures  to  screen  out  obvious  and common errors before documents are released. In fact, local office directives ensure the personnel or disbursing officer has adequate control over the preparation of input  documents. The office should also establish a system that checks the  quality  control  of  input,  timely  processing,  and efficient maintenance of local files. These directives must,  at  a  minimum,  address  daily  transmittals, timeliness  of  document  preparation,  quality  control  of documents prepared or processed, and correction of erroneous  documents. OCR and SDS documents must be signed by the CO or a designated person authorized to sign for him or her. If the CO authorizes another person to sign by direction documents  that  affect  pay,  the  CO  must  notify  the disbursing officer in writing that authorization has been granted.  The  notification  must  include  a  sample signature   of   the   person   authorized   to   sign.   The disbursing officer retains the authorization on file for as long as it remains in effect. SELECTIVE  REENLISTMENT  BONUS PROGRAM The SRB program is used to increase the number of reenlistments  in  ratings  and  Navy  Enlisted Classification   (NEC)   codes   having   insufficient retention.  Reviews  are  conducted  every  3  to  6  months to determine which ratings or NECs will be authorized SRB.  Award  levels  are  reduced  or  eliminated  as manning and/or retention improves in a rating or NEC to make SRB funds available for other ratings or NECs. Changes to the list of SRB eligible ratings or NECs and respective   award   levels   are   announced   by   a NAVADMIN  message  that  is  normally  released  30  days before the effective date of decreases or terminations. GENERAL  ELIGIBILITY  CRITERIA Members must complete at least 21 continuous months  (excluding  annual  training  [AT]  [formerly ACDUTRA]) but not more than 14 years of active naval service.  The  21  months  need  not  be  completed immediately  before  the  reenlistment  or  extension. Members also must be eligible to reenlist or extend for 3 or more years in the Regular Navy (USN not USNR) as specified in the Naval  Military  Personnel Manual  (MILPERSMAN),  Article  1040300.  NOTE: Extension  of  enlistment  for  less  than  3  years;  for example,  for  minimum  obligated  service  (OBLISERV), for  Department  of  Defense  (DOD)  area  tour  and 1-11

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