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Page Title: Personnel Casualty Report (Naval Reserve) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-3)
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Contact the surviving family members to advise them  of  Navy  activities  available  to  offer  any  assistance necessary such as the Retired Affairs Office, Family Service  Center,  DFAS  -  Cleveland  Center  (Code  302), Cleveland,  Ohio,  and  the  Retired  Casualty  Assistance Section  (PERS  662),  Washington,  DC. Personnel  Casualty  Report  (Naval  Reserve) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-3) Report  deaths  of  retired  members  of  the  Naval Reserve without pay, members in a drill pay status, members in a drill nonpay status, and members in the Sea  and  Air  Mariner  (Delayed  Entry)  program  to CHNAVPERS, so their names may be removed from the rolls of the Navy Department. This action also closes out their records; their accounts, if applicable, settled; and action  taken  to  assist  surviving  family  members  in applying for survivor benefits. The CO of the Naval Reserve unit where a member is assigned in a drill pay or in a drill nonpay status or the recruiting  district  of  a  member  in  the  Sea  and  Air Mariner (Delayed Entry) program is responsible for submitting  the  personnel  casualty  report  immediately.  If member is a drilling reservist, the CO is responsible for contacting the next of kin to advise them of survivor benefits that arc available and offer additional assistance as required. Contact PERS 663 if additional assistance is required. The  CO  of  any  naval  activity  who  receives information of the death of a retired Naval Reserve member   (retired   without   pay)   is   responsible   for verification of the death and submission of a personnel casualty report by message. The CO will also contact the next of kin to advise them of survivor benefits that arc available and offer assistance. Contact PERS 662 if additional assistance is required. Submit the personnel casualty  report  to  CHNAVPERS  with  information copies  to  the  following: Naval  Reserve  Personnel  Center,  New  Orleans, Louisiana Local State Department representative when death occurs in a foreign country DFAS  -  Cleveland  Center  (Code  JVP) CAC/FHS program coordinator in the area where death  occurred  (refer  to  BUPERSINST  1770.3) BUMED The personnel casualty report must contain only items ALFA through GOLF and item OSCAR. Submit a personnel casualty report containing items ALFA through QUEBEC for a member who dies while on active duty, inactive duty for training, or during the time the member is proceeding to his or her home by the most direct route. For a member in a drill (pay or nonpay) status  (inactive  duty  training),  report  in  item  BRAVO (1) whether member was scheduled to perform at least 12  drills  during  the  current  year;  (2)  number  of  drills performed; and (3) state date of last drill performed and provide a point of contact at the unit. Personnel  Casualty  Report  (Terminally Ill/Injured) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-4) A personnel casualty report must be submitted by the receiving armed forces medical command (or the member’s  duty  station  if  admitted  to  a  civilian  hospital) on  those  members  whose  degree  of  injury  or  illness  is categorized  as  follows: Terminally ill (as diagnosed by an armed forces medical officer)-initial report only is required unless otherwise  considered  appropriate. Seriously  ill  or  seriously  injured–a  casualty whose illness or injury is of such severity that there is cause for immediate concern but there is no imminent danger of loss of life. Very  seriously  ill  or  very  seriously  injured (imminent  danger  of  loss  of  life)–a  casualty  whose illness or injury is of such severity that the member is not medically expected to survive the immediate 24 hours or whose death is presumed to be within 2 weeks. Submit  the  report  (initial  and  subsequent  prognosis and progress) by priority message to the following: CHNAVPERS, Washington, DC CAC/FHS  program  coordinator,  as  appropriate, who  has  cognizance  over  the  geographical  area  where the next of kin resides (refer to BUPERSINST 1770.3) The information addressees are as follows: BUMED Naval Safety Center (if casualty is the result of an  accident) CNO  (if  the  casualty  is  incidental  to  naval operations) 4-5

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