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Page Title: Personnel Casualty Report (Missing) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-4)
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Personnel  Casualty  Report  (Missing) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-4) If you receive information that a person is missing, submit a personnel casualty report (missing/missing in action/and so forth) no later than 4 hours following receipt of information that a member should be placed in this status. Date missing will be the date of the initial disappearance unless other information is available that indicates a more current date. Submit the report in the same format previously discussed, modified as necessary. Label unknown or unconfirmed   information   in   the   initial   personnel casualty  report  message  and  clarify  in  the  supplemental reports. Include in the message a statement of the status of the search. Daily  supplemental  search  reports  are  required unless  transmission  is  not  possible  for  security  reasons, Reports must furnish the extent, progress, and other pertinent information that the next of kin may find useful. Search reports will continue until a report is sent stating that the search has been discontinued and the member is: a. recovered alive and returned to military control; b. reported in a missing status because evidence of death  or  unauthorized  absence  is  not  considered conclusive; c.  placed  in  an  unauthorized  absence  status  (date of absence will be initial date of disappearance); or d. reported dead because remains arc recovered or search  efforts  were  unsuccessful  but  evidence  of  death is  considered  conclusive. Consider   conclusive   evidence   of   death   when information   such   as   eyewitness   statements, circumstances  of  disappearance,  results  of  immediate search,  local  conditions,  and  terrain  provide  beyond  any reasonable doubt that a DUSTWUN category person may  have  survived.  Such  conclusive  evidence  does  not have  to  be  based  on  the  recovery  of  remains  since situations  may  arise  that  the  remains  cannot  be recovered.  If,  after  immediate  search,  evidence  of  death does exist, the responsible command has the authority and duty to submit a report of death. The date of death will be the date the member was placed in a DUSTWUN status   unless   circumstances   indicate   subsequent survival. Once a member is reported in a missing status, the CO is prohibited under the Missing Persons Act (37 U.S.C. 551 to 558) from reporting any further change in status.  The  missing  case  becomes  the  responsibility  of the  Secretary  of  the  Navy  (SECNAV)  or  his  or  her designee  (PERS  66). Within 5 days after a person is placed in a missing status, submit a report furnishing all available details to CHNAVPERS. The report must include the latitude and longitude;  distance  from  nearest  land,  when  applicable; local conditions; extent of searches made; statements of survivors or other members who may have pertinent information on the attendant circumstances; and the opinion and recommendation of the CO about the proper casualty status. Factors  such  as  remote  distances  from  occurrence and  lack  of  current  on-scene  information  make immediate determination and reporting difficult but do not relieve the CO of the responsibility for submission of the report required for review in determining the member’s status under the Missing Persons Act (37 U.S.C. 551 to 558). The CO must immediately report subsequent information on new developments. Personnel Casualty Report (Fleet Reserve/Retired) (BUPERS Report symbol  1770-3) Report death of members of the Fleet Reserve and retired members of the Navy who are receiving retired pay,  including  members  whose  names  are  on  the Temporary  Disability  Retired  List/Permanent  Disability Retired List to CHNAVPERS. This action removes their names from the rolls of the Navy Department, closes their records, settles their accounts, and assists the surviving  family  members  in  applying  for  survivor benefits. The CAC/FHS program coordinator or the CO of any naval activity who receives information of the death of the member must do the following: Send  a  personnel  casualty  report  message  to CHNAVPERS (PERS 662) with tin information copy to DFAS - Cleveland Center (Code JRP). lf  sufficient  information  is  not  available  to complete  the  personnel  casualty  report,  the  CO  of  the activity  must  obtain  and  mail  or  request  that  the surviving family members send only one copy of the civil death certificate to DFAS - Cleveland Center. The personnel casualty report must contain only items ALFA through  GOLF.  A  complete  personnel  casualty  report using items ALFA through QUEBEC must be submitted for a member who dies after release from a period of active duty during the period necessary for the member to proceed to his or her home by the most direct route following  such  release. 4-4

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