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Page Title: Types opf Casualty Reports
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Whether  death  gratuity  will  be  paid  by  the member’s  command  or  by  the  disbursing  officer at home port or permanent duty station. Name,  relationship,  and  address  (if  different from address listed in FOXTROT) of designated beneficiary for unpaid pay and allowances. KILO–Casualty  assistance  calls. State CAC/FHS   program coordinator   responsible   for designating the activity to carry out the CACP. (Refer to BUPERSINST  1770.3.) LIMA–Race, religion, and date of birth. MIKE–Insurance.  Insurance  policies  in  force other than Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI). NOVEMBER–Miscellaneous. Paygrade (if member is frocked, report paygrade at which  member  receives  pay). Monthly rate of basic pay and any special, incentive proficiency pay. If entitled to hostile fire pay, report separately and include date commenced. Total   service   (days,   months,  years)  for  pay purposes. Number of days unused accrued leave on date of death. Amount  of  basic  allowance  for  quarters  (BAQ), variable  housing  allowance  (VHA),  or  overseas housing allowance (OHA) authorized to member at time of death. Location of pay record and action taken to send record to the DFAS - Cleveland Center. Total  amount  of  contributions  to  the  Veteran’s Educational  Assistance  Program  (VEAP). Estimated date service record will be closed out and sent to CHNAVPERS (PERS 663), The notation DECEASED  or  MISSING  as  appropriate  must  be printed in large letters diagonally across the bottom left side of the service and medical records cover before mailing. Indicate the words DO NOT OPEN IN  MAILROOM  on  the  bottom  left  side  of  the mailing envelope. If available, place a copy of the civil death certificate in the medical record. Medical/Dental   Records   disposition:   Missing member:  Mail  records  to  CHNAVPERS  (PERS 663) in same manner as service record. Deceased member: Print  the  word  DECEASED  in  large letters diagonally across the record covers. Affix an adhesive-backed label on which you have typed the annotation   “Upon   completion   of   positive identification, mail this record to Chief of Naval Personnel  (PERS  663)  Navy  Department Washington,  DC  20370-5663.”  A  preaddressed envelope   should   be   provided   for   sending   up completion  of  the  identification  process. The   previous   miscellaneous   items   under NOVEMBER  are  required  items.  Include  any additional   information   you   feel   (with   the concurrence of your command) will be helpful to CHNAVPERS. OSCAR–Servicemen’s  Group  Life  Insurance. Advise  if  member  had  SGLI  coverage  and  if  a  written beneficiary(ies) designation is on file in service record. If so, state the name of beneficiary and the date of SGLI election. PAPA–Assignment  of  JAG  Manual  investigative report. QUEBEC–Personal  effects.  Name,  address,  and relationship  of  person(s)  to  whom  the  personal  effects will be shipped. TYPES OF CASUALTY REPORTS A variety of personnel casualty reports are required to be submitted by a command as the situation warrants and are listed as follows. Personnel Casualty Report (Death) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-4) Send the initial personnel casualty report on the death  of  a  member  by  priority  message  to  same addressees, in the same format, using all the 17 subject categories  previously  discussed. Personnel Casualty Report (DUSTWUN) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-4) Report  as  DUSTWUN  members  who  are  not present and whose status initially is so uncertain that the command must first gather the facts to make a proper status determination. While the search is ongoing, the member will not be placed in a missing status. The maximum amount of time that a person can remain in a DUSTWUN  status  is  10  days  from  the  date  of disappearance.  Send  the  personnel  casualty  report (DUSTWJN)  by  high  precedence  message  to  same addressees, in the same format, and using all or some of the 17 subject categories previously discussed. 4-3

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