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Page Title: Report Format
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explanation  of  the  data  required  for  each  item  is provided in the MILPERSMAN, Article 4210100. Since it will be your responsibility as a Personnelman to assist in the preparation of casualty reports, you must make sure the reports are complete and accurate before their release. Although the likelihood of you becoming involved in preparing and submitting a civilian personnel casualty report is small, you must be aware that the Decedent Affairs Manual,  NAVMEDCOMINST  5360.1,  contains guidance on the preparation and format of these reports. REPORT  FORMAT Use  the  following  format  to  report  members  listed as  deceased,  DUSTWUN,  missing,  MIA,  interned, detained,   or   captured.   Report   these   casualties immediately  by  priority  message  to  the  following: CHNAVPERS,  Washington,  DC. BUMED. Casualty  Assistance  Calls/Funeral  Honors Support (CAC/FHS) program coordinator(s) in the  area  where  the  next  of  kin  reside.  (Refer  to BUPERSINST   1770.3.) The  Chief  of  Naval  Operations  (CNO)  if  the casualty is incidental to naval operations and on all   reports   of   progress   in   searches   for DUSTWUN  or  missing  members. The  appropriate  home  port  or  station,  type commander,  area  commander,  Enlisted Personnel Management Center (EPMAC), and fleet  commanders  in  chief  (FLTCINCs). The  command  or  activity  designated  by  the CAC/FHS  program  coordinator  to  provide casualty  assistance. Fleet Home Town News Center. Naval  Safety  Center. Judge Advocate General. Defense   Finance   and   Accounting   Service (DFAS) - Cleveland Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Use Code JJCS for active duty members. Chief   of   Naval   Information   (CHINFO), Washington, DC. Naval Office of Medical/Dental Affairs, Great Lakes, Illinois. 4-2 American Red Cross, Washington Armed   Forces   Institute   of Washington,  DC,  //AFIP-CME//. Naval   Investigative   Service DC. Pathology, Command, Washington,  DC. Submit casualty reports according to the following items, as appropriate: ALFA–Name of casualty, rank/rate, full name, branch of service, social security number, designator if an  officer. BRAVO–Status and duty station. CHARLIE–Type of casualty. DELTA–Date,  time  (local  time),  place, circumstances,  and  cause. ECHO–Location  and  disposition  of  remains. (Medical/dental  records  are  to  accompany  remains  until positive identification is established; thereafter, the records are to be sent to CHNAVPERS [PERS 663],) FOXTROT–Primary  next  of  kin  (PNOK)  and secondary  next  of  kin  (SNOK). GOLF–Next  of  kin  notification.  (1)  Have  (a)  the PNOK and (b) the SNOK been notified in person by a naval  representative  (yes  or  no)?  (2)  Have  (a)  the PNOK and (b) the SNOK been officially notified by telegram (yes or no)? HOTEL–If the casualty occurred in a hostile fire zone or area authorized overseas pay, enter the date the member commenced current tour. If the member is serving on an extension of a normal tour, the date must be  followed  by  the  notation  EXTENSION.  State  if casualty was   “not  the  result  of  hostile  action”  but occurred in a hostile fire zone. Enter N/A in all other cases. INDIA–Record  of  emergency  data.  Specific  date of  latest  NAVPERS  1070/602  or  DD  Form  93. Immediately mail copy of this form to CHNAVPERS (PERS 663) separately from the service record and indicate  date  mailed. JULIET–Death  gratuity  -  -  unpaid  pay  and allowances. Provide name, relationship, and address (if different   from   address   listed   in   FOXTROT)   of beneficiary  for  death  gratuity.

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