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Page Title: Enlisted Education Advancement Program (EEAP)
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NAVY  CAMPUS  CERTIFICATION/DEGREE PROGRAM The Navy has made arrangements with a number of 2-year   and   4-year   colleges   to   waive   residency requirements for active duty personnel so that they may complete  degree  programs. SERVICE  MEMBERS  OPPORTUNITY COLLEGES NAVY ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAM SOCNAV was implemented in 1984 in conjunction with  Service  Members  Opportunity  Colleges  (SOC)  to offer Navy personnel associate degrees in technical areas associated with their rating and military job. Current  programs  are  Data  Processing,  Management Science, and General Studies. Additional networks are being developed for 2-year associate degrees in the following  areas-Communication  Electronics,  Digital Electronics, and Law Enforcement. SKILL  ENHANCEMENT  PROGRAM This fully funded, on-duty program may be offered to shore and afloat commands by request of the CO. Courses  are  intended  to  improve  individual  competency in reading, mathematics, English, and writing skills. Courses are taught under contract with civilian colleges. NAVY CAMPUS HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETION PROGRAM This  program  is  offered  either  on-base  or  off-base and  it  enables  personnel  to  earn  their  high  school diploma. The level of assistance available for Navy members who do not have a high school diploma is 100 percent  of  high  school  completion  courses  and instructional related fees. NATIONAL APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM This  program  enables  enlisted  personnel  to  register in and complete an apprenticeship in a civilian trade as related  to  their  Navy  rating. It  is  provided  in cooperation with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) is  responsible  for  the  administration  of  National Apprenticeship Standards within the Navy and for securing, through prescribed channels, the national registration  of  Navy  programs  of  apprenticeship  with the National Office of the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, U.S. Department of Labor. For   additional   information   concerning   this program, refer to the  Administration  of  the  Navy’s National   Apprenticeship   Program,   OPNAVINST 1560.10,   and/or   contact   NETPMSA,   Pensacola, Florida. DEFENSE ACTIVITY FOR NON-TRADITIONAL  EDUCATION SUPPORT Through DANTES, military personnel can take college entrance tests as well as tests for college credits. DANTES publishes an independent study guide and distributes the  American Council on Education  (ACE) Guide, which is used by colleges and universities to recommend college credit for military training. ENLISTED EDUCATION ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM  (EEAP) The  EEAP  provides  an  opportunity  for  highly qualified and career motivated enlisted personnel to earn an associate/bachelor of arts or associate/bachelor of  science  degree. Primary consideration for selection to EEAP is the sea/shore rotation cycle as it affects the potentially limited  opportunity  to  participate  in  off-duty  education and the Career Reenlistment Objectives (CREO) of the member’s  particular  rating.  Other  considerations include performance evaluations, performance in Navy schools, and evidence of individual effort to advance academically while in the Navy. Selectees receive full pay and allowances and may compete   for   advancement   while   enrolled   in   the program, but are not eligible for proficiency pay (except submariners   who   receive   continuous   submarine [CONSUB]  pay).  Selectees  must  pay  for  tuition,  fees, books,  and  other  expenses  incurred  while  participating in the EEAP. The Navy Tuition Assistance Program may  not  be  used  to  defray  costs  while  enrolled  in  the EEAP.  Eligible  students  may  use  in-service  Veterans Educational   Assistance   Program   (VEAP)   or Montgomery  GI  Bill  (MGIB)  educational  benefits the 9-18

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