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Page Title: Cash Registers
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desired,  can  be  drawn  by  the  purchaser  for  5 dollars over the amount of purchase. Only active duty  or  active  duty  for  training  personnel  are allowed  to  use  personal  checks  for  purchase  in  the ship’s  store.  The  personal  check  must  be  drawn from an account in a United States bank. It should be  written  in  terms  of  U.S.  currency  and  be inscribed with the printed name of the purchaser with  a  magnetic  ink  bank  account  number. All personal and traveler’s checks will be made payable to USS .  The purchaser provides   his   or   her   signature,   social   security number,  and  duty  station.  The  purchaser  must endorse  the  check  in  the  presence  of  the  sales outlet operator. The endorsement will be placed on  the  back  of  the  personal  check  and  must  be within 1 1/2 inches from the top of the check. The sales   outlet   operator   will   then   verify   the information and the signature on the check with the purchaser’s Armed Forces identification card. No two-party checks are acceptable in the ship’s store. CASH REGISTERS All  cash  sales  must  be  processed  through  a cash  register  at  the  time  of  sale.  The  register should be located where the customer can see the amount registered for sale. This is not necessary if the cash register provides a receipt and it is given to  the  customer. Cash Register Tapes Cash  registers  generate  two  tapes,  one  for  the customer  and  one  to  be  retained  as  a  record  of sales. As the cash collection agent you may have to replace a cash register tape when it runs out. When  you  remove  the  old  detail  tape,  sign  and date  it  and  give  it  to  the  ship’s  store  officer  for filing in the Accountability File, SSA-21. If there is no room for stowing tapes in the accountability file,  keep  them  in  a  separate  secure  filing  box. These tapes are held and filed later in the retained returns. Cash Register Keys The  cash  collection  agent  has  custody  of  the keys that permit access to the cash register tapes and   control   the   operation   of   selection   levers. These  selection  levers  are  locked  in  the  cash position   except   when   you   are   taking   register readings. If the cash register has a paid-out key, make  sure  it  is  blocked  out  to  prevent  use. 3-2 Cash  Collection  Agent  Safe Cash  received  from  sales  is  kept  in  a  safe that   meets   the   requirements   shown   in   the NAVCOMPT  Manual,  volume  V,  par.  042351.6. The cash collection agent keeps the cash in a safe until the cash can be deposited with the disbursing officer. If there is more than one cash collection agent,  each  cash  collection  agent  will  have  a separate safe with his or her name, address, and telephone  number  placed  on  the  outside  door  of the safe. Only  the  cash  collection  agent  will  have  the combination to the safe. Placing the combination in a sealed envelope to be kept in the custody of the  ship’s  store  officer  or  any  other  person  is prohibited. This combination should be changed a minimum of once every 6 months or when the cash  collection  agent  is  relieved. If  the  cash  collection  agent  should  become physically incapacitated and unable to open the safe,  the  commanding  officer  may  order  him  or her  to  give  the  combination  to  a  designated  board of  officers.  In  the  event  of  death,  unauthorized absence,  or  mental  incapacity  as  determined  by competent  medical  authority  of  the  cash  collection agent  or  when  it  becomes  necessary  to  relieve  the cash  collection  agent  for  any  cause,  including arrest or suspension, the commanding officer will follow the instructions contained in the NAVSUP P-487,  par.  1010. GROUP SALES The cash collection agent should be familiar with the basic procedures for group sales. Group sales  are  normally  done  on  ships  that  lack  the space and hours of operation to serve all personnel aboard. To ease this problem, groups, divisions, and so forth, appoint a representative to compile an order for their particular group. These orders are given to the ship’s store operator who compiles the order. The representative picks up the order at  a  time  outside  normal  ship’s  store  operating hours.  Since  group  sales  are  processed  through the cash register, they will not change your cash collection  procedures;  however,  they  may  delay the  normal  time  that  you  make  collections. BULK SALES Bulk   sales   are   made   to   Navy   exchanges, Military  Sealift  Command  branch  exchanges,  and ships not operating a ship’s store and who do not receive a share of the profits from another ship’s store.

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