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two  witnesses  will  be  present  during  this  process. The   ship’s   store   officer   will   log   the   car   seal number in the Car Seal Log and the log will be initialed by both witnesses. Upon return of the custodian, the car seal will be  removed  by  the  custodian  in  the  presence  of the ship’s store officer. The custodian will verify the  seal  number  and  then  change  the  combination to the lock and reseal the new combination and duplicate  keys  to  the  dead  bolt  in  separate envelopes.  These  envelopes  will  be  replaced  in  the ship’s  store  officer’s  safe.  If  desired,  you,  as  the custodian  of  the  space,  may  conduct  an  inventory. In  urgent  situations,  the  command  duty  officer (CDO) may enter a Group III space in the absence of  the  custodian  and  ship’s  store  officer.  The  entry by the CDO will be made in the presence of two witnesses, one of whom is a commissioned officer. Access  to  the  space  can  be  made  with  damage control cutters or burners. The two witnesses will not  leave  while  the  space  is  open. After  the  problem  has  been  resolved,  the  CDO will secure the space with a lock and numbered car seal. The lock and car seal will be placed on the door to the space in the presence of the two witnesses. The car seal number will be recorded by the CDO and initialed by the two witnesses. The  next  morning,  the  car  seal  number  will  be given to the ship’s store officer by the CDO. You, as  the  custodian,  will  handle  this  matter  in  the same way as if the ship’s store officer had entered. You  will  more  than  likely  have  to  obtain  a  new lock  and  go  through  the  same  procedures  again for setting the combination. If the dead bolt was damaged,  a  new  one  must  be  installed. Emergency  entry  procedures  are  included  in the  supply  department  instructions.  A  copy  of these instructions should be posted outside each and  every  Group  III  space. GROUP  IV  SPACES Basically, Group IV spaces include all service activities. There are no cash sales or transactions 1-11 made   through   these   spaces.   If   cash   transac- tions are made or ship’s store stock is stowed in these  spaces,  they  will  be  considered  Group  III spaces. The   working   key   to   Group   IV   spaces   is obtained  in  the  morning.  The  person  in  charge of  the  space  will  sign  for  the  original  keys  in  a key  log  and  remove  them  from  the  general  key locker   normally   located   in   the   supply   office. During  work  hours,  the  person  in  charge  of  the space  will  keep  the  keys.  After  work  hours,  or when work is complete, the working keys will be turned  over  to  the  duty  supply  officer  who  will secure  them  in  the  general  key  locker. Duplicate keys to Group IV spaces will be kept by  the  supply  officer  in  a  special  duplicate  key locker in the supply office, or in his or her safe. If the lock to the space is part of a lock set, the original  master  will  be  kept  by  the  ship’s  store officer.  The  duplicate  master  to  all  Group  IV spaces will be kept by the supply officer in his or her  safe  or  the  duplicate  key  locker. ADDITIONAL   SECURITY There are many additional security measures the  ship’s  store  officer  may  follow,  if  necessary. The  use  of  car  seals  is  recommended  but  not mandatory.  Using  these  seals  may  alert  the  ship’s store   officer   of   unauthorized   entry.   These numbered car seals are available from servmart and  should  be  placed  on  external  locks  after working hours. These car seals are issued by the ship’s  store  officer  or  a  designated  assistant  to  the custodian  of  the  space.  They  are  logged  in  the  Car Seal  Log  and  the  number  is  checked  in  the  log before  removing  any  installed  car  seal. The ship’s store officer may also have roll-up grills or scissor-type gates installed outside of retail stores. An intrusion alarm system may be installed to protect retail stores or storerooms. The alarm should be connected so it will sound off in an area that  is  manned  24  hours.

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