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Page Title: Data Entries
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DATA ENTRIES Data entries in the DD Form 1348 and the NAVSUP Form  1250-1  must  be  made  in  accordance  with  the instructions found in the NAVSUP P-485. DISTRIBUTION OF DD FORM 1348 AND NAVSUP FORM 1250-1 When prepared as a requisition, the DD Form 1348 and the NAVSUP Form 1250-1 must be distributed as required  by  NAVSUP  P-485. PREPARATION OF THE DD FORM 1348-6 The DD Form 1348-6 is used to requisition material which cannot be identified by a national stock number (NSN), a NATO stock number, or an NICN (other than a permanent “IL” coded NICN). The form consists of two  sections.  The  upper  section  includes  essentially  the same data elements as those in a D\DD Form 1348. The lower section includes 10 data blocks for additional identification   data.   The   general   rules   used   in preparation  of  a  DD  Form  1348  also  apply  to  the preparation of a DD Form 1348-6. (Since the supply some  must  process  a  DD  Form  1348-6  “off  line,” which usually delays material delivery, every effort should be made to cross part numbered items to NSN items so that the material can be requisitioned by DD Form  1348/1348  m).  See  the  NAVSUP  P-485  for required entries and codes. Figure 5-2 is an example of a  Non-NSN  Requisition  (DD  Form  134845). NORS  REQUISITIONS A   Not   Operationally   Ready-Supply   (NORS) requisition  is  any  requisition  submitted  for  a  casualty report  (CASREPT)  requirement  or  an  anticipated CASREPT  requirement  (ANORS),  as  authorized  in OPNAVINST 4614.1. (See figure 5-3.) A NORS requisition will be prepared in the sane format  as  that  described  for  a  MILSTRIP  requisition. Specific data entries required in a NORS requisition are described  in  NAVSUP  P-485. MESSAGE REQUISITIONS In  certain  situation  material  requirements  dictate the  need  for  procurement  by  message  instead  of standard   requisition   documents.   MILSTRIP   is designed  to  permit  transmission  and  receipt  of requisitions  by  electrical  communications,  mail, telephone  and  courier. To  assure  responsive  and expeditious processing, the media of communication used  must  be  consistent  with,  and  subject  to,  the limitations  for  use  of  media  and  status  codes  found  in the NAVSUP P-485. The media to be used and the norm al order of preference of use of each media is also found in the NAVSUP P-485. When a message requisition is prepared, a DD Form 1348, NAVSUP Form 1250-1, or DD Form 1348-6 is prepared  for  each  item  requested  in  the  message.  The original  of  each  DD  Form  1348  or  1348-6,  or  the original and white copy of a NAVSUP Form 1250-1, will be discarded and the remaining copies distributed in accordance with the NAVSUP P-485. During periods of restricted communication (i.e., when “MINIMIZE” is imposed) data pattern messages, formatted   Defense   Automatic   Addressing   System (DAAS)  messages,  and  narrative  messages  will  be submitted  only  for  priorities  01-08  requirements. MILSTRIP MESSAGES TO BE SUBMITTED VIA DEFENSE AUTOMATIC ADDRESSING  SYSTEM DAAS  is  a  “real  time”  random  access  digital computer   system.   It   uses   the   Automatic   Digital Network (AUTODIN) switching centers of the Defense Communications  System  to  receive  and  retransmit MILSTRIP  messages  to  the  addressees.  An  input message  to  DAAS  may  include  multiple  requisitions, followups,  requisition  modifiers,  cancellation  requests, etc.,  provided  that  each  document  included  in  the message  is  limited  to  66  card  columns  of  data.  All retransmittals  are  accomplished  via  AUTODIN  which automatically  provides  the  addressesee  with  a  punched card  (or  magnetic  tape  image)  for  each  document included in the originator’s message. This precludes the necessity of any message handling or keypunch effort  by  the  addressee.  Figure  5-4  is  an  example  of  a message  requisition  prepared  for  transmittal  via  DAAS. Requisitions Qualified for DAAS When  material  is  authorized  to  be  requisitioned  by message  and  when  no  exception  data  is  required, message requisitions for NSN or NICN items will be prepared   and   submitted   in   accordance   with   the NAVSUP  P-485. MILSTRIP MESSAGES TO BE SUBMITTED DIRECT TO SUPPLY SOURCE Message  requisitions  for  non-NSN/NICN  items  or NSN/NICN  items  requiring  exception  data  will  be submitted direct to the supply source. These messages 5-7

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