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Page Title: Navy Industrial Fund
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4. 5. 6. 7. 1348, is submitted to the appropriate supply activity. A  ship  forwards  a  copy  of  the  requisition document  (i.e.,  green  copy  of  the  DD  Form 1348)  to  the  appropriate  DFAS  for  use  in performing   the   ship’s   official   OPTAR accounting.  Monthly,  the  ship  submits  a Budget/OPTAR  Report  which  summarizes  the obligation  documents.  The  report  authorizes the DFAS to reduce the ship’s OPTAR and the ship’s  type  commander’s  operating  budget. The material is issued to the ship. The supply activity submits “Report of Fired Authorization  Charges,  (NAVCOMPT  Form 2074)  with  supporting  “Financial  Detail” cards, (NAVSUP Form 1162) to the DFAS. This authorizes  the  DFAS  to  charge  the  ship’s OPTAR. Credits the DBOF, thus completing the cycle. The Defense Logistics Agency, General Services Administration and the Departments of the Army and Air Force have similar funds to finance procurement of materials   managed   by   the   respective   agency   or department. Navy Industrial Fund The Navy Industrial Fund is a revolving fund used to finance industrial commercial-type activities. The Navy Industrial Fund serves much the same purpose as the  Defense  Business  Operating  Fund.  The  exception is that it is used to finance the cost of maintaining and operating such industrial commercial-type activities as naval shipyards. Major charges to the fund are civilian labor,   material   purchases,   travel   of   personnel, transportation  of  material,  cost  of  purchased  utilities, and  equipment  and  property  rental.  The  fund  is reimbursed  through  the  sales  of  materials  and  for services performed for the Navy and other government agencies. Naval Working Fund The  Naval  Working  Fund  provides  a  single permanent revolving fund for financing all work not chargeable to a current naval appropriation. It is used to  receive  advance  deposits  for  work  or  services furnished. This type of work is performed by the Navy for   other   government   departments,   foreign governments,  and  private  parties.  For  example,  assume that  the  U.S.  Navy  had  sailors  from  an  allied government  embarked  aboard  U.S.  Navy  ships  for training.  The  foreign  government  might  deposit  funds with the Navy to cover pay and allowances for their personnel.  The  money  deposited  would  go  into  the Naval  Working  Fund  and  be  assigned  a  deposit allotment  number.  Disbursing  officers  aboard  the  ships concerned would receive authorization to pay these foreign  sailors  and  would  be  furnished  the  deposit allotment number to charge when making the payments. Navy Management Fund This  fund  is  used  for  the  economical  and  efficient completion  of  Navy  operations  which  are  financed  by two or more appropriations. When the costs of such an operation  cannot  be  distributed  changed  immediately  to an appropriation. An example of a charge financed by the   Navy   Management   Fund   is   the   shipment   of household   goods. When   the   amount   of   money   in   the   Navy Management Fund is not enough to finance a program some Navy organization or when appropriate, other government departments advance additional funds. The fund is credited with these advances, and it is charged  with  all  expenditures  required  by  the  program. All unobligated balances of funds advanced are repaid later from the Navy Management Fund, as specified in contracts for programs financed by the fund. TRUST FUNDS A trust fund is a fund held in trust by the Navy for use  as  specified  in  a  special  agreement  or  Act  of Congress.  Private  parties  or  sources  may  provide money for a special trust for the Navy. For example, public   contributions   received   for   the   purpose   of constructing   and   maintaining   the   USS   Arizona Memorial  at Pearl Harbor. The Ship’s Store Profits, Navy is a trust fund for providing recreation and entertainment for enlisted personnel. Items sold in the ship’s store are purchased by the DBOF and held in the NSA. When sold, the DBOF is reimbursed for their cost, with the profits going into the Ship’s Store Profits, Navy fund. FUND  SYMBOLS The   symbols   for   the   various   funds   we   have discussed are shown below in figure 9-6. 9-6

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