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Page Title: Parcel Post
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Q6-5. Name the two classes of postal union mail. Q6-6. Before accepting postal union mail, you must first   ensure   that   the   article   presented   for mailing is mailable.   (True/False) Q6-7. A letter package containing coins, banknotes, or   paper   money   must   have   what   special service applied to the article? Q6-8. List   the   criteria   for   envelopes   that   are addressed to a foreign country. Q6-9. List the types of postal union mail that must be prepared in such a way that the contents may be easily inspected. Q6-10.   When postal union mail is mailed to a foreign country the address must be written precisely and completely.   (True/False) Q6-11.   When meter stamps are used as a payment of postage for international mail, what color of ink must be used? Q6-12.   What PS labels identify international airmail service? Q6-13.   What is the minimum size limit for a postcard mailed to a foreign country? Q6-14.   What   are   aerogrammes   and   how   are   they used? Q6-15.   What amount of postage, if any, is paid for an item mailed as matter for the blind and sent surface international mail? Q6-16.   Written  correspondence  may  be  enclosed  in small packets.   (True/False) Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. PARCEL POST Learning  Objective: Recognize   the procedures   for   accepting   and   processing Parcel Post Mail. This section describes the conditions for mailing international parcel post.  International parcel post is a separate category from postal union mail and should be treated  as  such.    Parcel  post  is  similar  to  domestic Standard Mail (B).  That is, merchandise is permitted, but  written  communications  having  the  nature  of current and personal correspondence are prohibited. PARCEL POST SERVICE Parcel  post  is  available  to  most  countries.    The requirements  for  acceptance  and  handling  of international parcel post are similar for all countries. However,  acceptance  procedures  are  determined  by individual  bilateral  agreements.    The  Parcel  Post section in the Individual Country Listings of the IMM indicates whether or not parcel post service is available to a certain country.  If parcel post service is available, you can also find information on related services and specific mailing conditions in this section. PARCEL POST RESTRICTIONS Certain types of articles are prohibited or restricted in parcels to all countries.  Remember that all articles prohibited in the domestic mails are also prohibited in the international mails. Valuable Articles The mailing of valuable articles as parcel post is subject to the same restrictions as Postal Union mail. Information Concerning Restricted Articles Information  on  articles  that  are  prohibited  or restricted  by  individual  countries  appear  under “Prohibitions   and   Restrictions”   in   the   Country Conditions  for  Mailing  section  of  the  Individual Country Listings.  These prohibitions and restrictions are based on information furnished by the countries concerned. Parcels containing articles that are prohibited by the  destination  country  must  not  be  accepted  for mailing. For a parcel known to contain articles that are restricted by the destination country, the mailer must be informed of the restrictions and be informed that the contents are subject to the import rules of the country concerned. Enclosures or Attachments of Communications Except   for   parcels   addressed   to   Canada   or Switzerland,  communications  of  a  personal  nature must NOT be attached to or enclosed in a parcel. If you find  such  communications  attached,  remove  and handle  as  a  separate  piece.    If  the  item  cannot  be removed,  the  entire  parcel  must  be  returned  to  the mailer. 6-10

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