Quantcast Board of Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)

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Page Title: Board of Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)
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Correction of Date of Birth
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 5-27.—Application for Correction of Military Records, DD Form 149. 5-45
Reenlistment  Contract,  NAVPERS  1070/601.  The naturalization certificate and other documents issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service cannot be duplicated  and  must  remain  in  the  custody  of  the member. Each foreign national is required to report any change  in  citizenship  status  along  with  documentary evidence to substantiate the change. As a PN, you may be called upon to help submit these changes. Report a change in citizenship by submitting the appropriate data entries  according  to  the  guidelines  in  the  DMRSMAN or  SDSPROMAN.  If  your  activity  reports  a  change  in citizenship via the DMRS, you must make a page 13 entry to substantiate the change. CORRECTION OF ENLISTED SERVICE RECORDS According to the MILPERSMAN, Article 5040100, the  U.S.  Navy  Enlisted  Service  Record,  NAVPERS 1070/600, is a permanent history of a member’s service in the Navy and is a chronological record of facts and events incident to such service. Once information is entered on a service record page, it may be corrected at the command level only under MILPERSMAN, Article 5040100.  Removal  or  revision  of  enlisted  performance evaluation reports can be made only as set forth in the Navy   Performance   Evaluation   and   Counseling Manual  BUPERSINST  1610.10. For the most part, your supervisors will either deal with or provide guidance for corrections to be made in enlisted service records. As a PN3 or PN2, you may be tasked  with  making  sure  certain  format  requirements  are met. You must be aware, for example, that the use of interlineation, ditto marks, or the entry of unauthorized abbreviations, symbols, or codes is prohibited in the service   record. If  you  become  involved  in  making corrections  to  enlisted  service  records,  always  use  the appropriate  official  guidelines  for  making  any  type  of changes. BOARD FOR CORRECTION OF NAVAL RECORDS (BCNR) According to the MILPERSMAN, Article 5040200, the  BCNR  (Title  10,  U.S.  Code  Section  1552)  was established  under  the  Legislative  Reorganization  Act  of 1946  to  relieve  Congress  of  the  burden  of  considering private bills for the correction of naval records. As a PN, you should be aware of the BCNR and the types of cases  submitted  for  its  review. Although  not  an all-inclusive  listing,  the  following  list  includes 5-44 examples of some of the types of cases reviewed by the BCNR: Requests  for  physical  disability  retirement Cancellation  of  a  physical  disability  discharge and in lieu thereof retirement for disability Increase  in  percentage  of  disability Removal of derogatory material from an official record Review  of  nonjudical  punishment Restoration of rank, grade, or rating The law requires that an application be filed with the BCNR within 3 years of the date of discovery of the error or injustice. The board is authorized to excuse the fact that the application was filed at a later date if it finds it to be in the interest of justice. The board is also empowered to deny an application without a hearing if it  determines  that  there  is  insufficient  evidence  to indicate the existence of probable material error or injustice. In  connection  with  a  review  of  executed  discharges by both the Naval Discharge Review Board (NDRB) and  the  BCNR,  there  is  no  law  or  regulation  that provides that an unfavorable discharge may be upgraded based solely on the passage of time or good conduct in civilian  life  subsequent  to  a  member’s  leaving  the service. The  MILPERSMAN,  Article  5040220,  contains instructions  for  applying  to  the  BCNR.  Under  the provisions   of   Title   10,   U.S.   Code   Section   1552, applications submitted for review by the BCNR should be  submitted  on  the  Application  for  Correction  of Military Records, DD Form 149. A copy of a blank DD Form  149  is  shown  in  figure  5-27.  Applications submitted for review by the NDRB should be submitted on  the  Application  for  the  Review  of  Discharge  or Dismissal from the Armed Forces, DD Form 293. A copy of a blank DD Form 293 is shown in figure 5-28. VERIFICATION AND DISPOSITION OF ENLISTED SERVICE RECORDS As  a  PN3  or  PN2,  you  will  be  assigned  the responsibilities  of  verifying  and  disposing  of  enlisted service  records.  In  the  following  paragraphs,  you  will read about some of the tasks you will be expected to perform.  You  will  read  about  the  basic  procedures  for verifying service records, checking out service records, tracing   missing   service   records,   purging   service

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