Quantcast Procedures and Responsibilities for Outgoing Correspondence

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Page Title: Procedures and Responsibilities for Outgoing Correspondence
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Responsibilities - 14214_96
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Mail Orderlies' Responsibilites
in   the   command’s   master   file   system   in   lieu   of maintaining  an  extra  copy  of  material.  Keeping  a cross-reference locator sheet ensures that when later or revised  material  is  received,  the  material  is  not automatically filed. Instead, it is routed to the user (department  head,  division  officer,  and  so  forth)  so  that the  individual  will  have  the  most  current  information on which to base his/her actions. PROCEDURES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR OUTGOING CORRESPONDENCE Action on correspondence must be completed on each piece of action correspondence on or before the day indicated by the ship’s secretary, or as directed by the executive officer. To make sure that appropriate action   is   complied   with,   your   command’s administrative office should have a tickler file to track actions required and to remind individuals responsible for responding to incoming correspondence that action is necessary. If the action cannot be completed for some unavoidable  reason,  the  ship’s  secretary  must  be informed by the individual responsible for drafting the response to the correspondence. This way, the ship’s secretary will be able to notify the executive officer about the delay. If there is an unavoidable delay in answering action mail,  the  responsible  individual  drafts  a  letter  or message   of   acknowledgement,   depending   on   the urgency of the required response, explaining the reason for the delay. Individuals   responsible   for   responding   to correspondence should   prepare   outgoing correspondence,  including  reports,  in  a  double-spaced, type-written “rough” format. They must indicate the appropriate security classification and downgrading declassification category, if appropriate. Roughs are delivered to the executive officer via the local chain of command  for  review  and  eventual  delivery  of  the smooth  correspondence  to  the  commanding  officer  for signature. MAIL HANDLING BY MAIL CLERKS AND MAIL ORDERLIES Earlier, you read about correspondence procedures according  to  OPNAVINST  3120.32.  Different  records maintained by administrative offices to control the receipt   and   delivery   of   official   mail,   and   the responsibilities   specific   individuals   have   when handling classified and unclassified correspondence were  discussed. Whether or not you will actually handle classified correspondence  is  determined  by  your  command. However,  you  must  be  aware  of  the  importance  of safeguarding  classified  and,  in  some  instances, unclassified   controlled   correspondence   from unauthorized  personnel. This section contains a discussion of mail handling by mail clerks and mail orderlies. As a PN3 or PN2, you will be tasked with being the mail clerk or mail orderly. As such, handling mail will be a part of your daily  duties  and  responsibilities. Traditionally, the U.S. Navy has used the term mail orderly not mail clerk as used by the other services. For the purpose of this training manual, the terms mail clerk  and  Navy  mail  orderly   are   synonymous. Therefore,   as   a   mail   orderly   you   also   have   the responsibilities   as   those   of   a   mail   clerk.   The responsibilities  of  both  mail  clerks  and  mail  orderlies are  separately  discussed. Personnel designated as mail orderlies in the U.S. Navy must comply with the provisions of volume 2 of the  Department  of  Defense  Postal  Manual,   DOD 4525.6-M,  relating  to  both  mail  clerks  and  mail orderlies. MAIL CLERKS’ RESPONSIBILITIES According  to  chapter  3,  volume  2,  of  DOD 4525.6-M, mail clerks are responsible for the following: .  Providing  mail  service  and  operating  the  postal service center (PSC) or unit mailroom (UMR) under current  regulations. l Safeguarding mail at all times. l Maintaining an up-todate mail directory file of all personnel being served, scheduled to arrive, and those that have been transferred during the last 6 months (3 months for personnel who were on temporary duty, a projected gain who has been canceled, or trainees stationed less than 6 months at a training base). l  Performing  prompt  directory  Service  on  all undeliverable mail and expeditiously returning it to the serving post office no later than the following workday after  receipt. l  Delivering  accountable  mail  and  properly maintaining accountable mail records. .  Correcting  all  discrepancies  noted  on  mailroom inspections as soon as possible. 4-9

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