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Page Title: Postal Funds
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Procedures  for  Requesting  Forwarded  or Destroyed  Records If the need arises for records that have previously been shipped or destroyed, requests should be made by letter  to  the  cognizant  FIPC. POSTAL FUNDS Aboard ship and at many overseas commands, the DO may become involved in Navy postal operations. The CO may designate the DO, by letter, to act as the verifying official for daily money order reports. The CO may also designate the DO as the reserve custodian for blank money order forms and postage stamp funds (stock and cash). The  DOD  Postal  Manual,  Volume  1, contains instructions for the handling of stamp stock and money orders. It prescribes the designation of reserve custodians at activities operating Navy post Offices. Since the DO and the accountable assistants are directly   involved   with   the   command’s   postal operations, we will briefly discuss some of the more important  regulations  and  procedures  relating  to  these duties. As a senior DK, you should be aware of these procedures. Keep in mind that any stamp stock, money order  forms  or  funds,  or  any  other  negotiable instruments  used  in  postal  operations  represent  cash. This makes accountability imperative. MONEY ORDER SERVICE The DO may become involved in three areas of the money  order  service: 1. Custody and control of money order forms 2. Custody and control of money order funds 3. Auditing of money order accounts Money Order Forms For a DO to be authorized to handle money orders, formal designation must be made in writing by the CO appointing  the  DO  to  act  as  reserve  custodian.  As previously  mentioned,  a  DO  who  is  designated  as reserve custodian must comply with the DOD Postal Manual  in  regard  to  the  custody,  control,  and distribution of blank money order forms. SECURITY.— Blank money order forms must be stored in a three-number combination safe or an equally secure storage area. The DO should be the only person to have access to this container. CONTROL.—   The  DO  uses  the  Money  Order Control  Record,  DD  Form  885,  as  a  daily  control document. Each day, the DO indicates on the DD Form 885 the expected number of money orders to be sold during  that  day’s  money  order  service.  The  money order  clerk  signs  the  DD  Form  885  accepting  custody for the specific number of money orders indicated on the form. After the close of the money order service for that day, the money order clerk must return the unused money orders to the DO. Then, the DO must verify and sign for the returned money orders on the DD Form 885. There is no exception to this requirement. Money Order Funds Just as for blank money orders, there are equally strict  rules  for  the  custody,  handling,  control,  and security  of  monies  derived  from  the  sale  of  money orders.  The  following  list  contains  two  of  the  most important  rules  and  their  associated  guidelines: 1. 2. No change funds should be advanced to the money order clerk. All monies collected from the sale of money orders must be turned in to the DO daily. The following two conditions and rules also apply: a. b. Money Order Accounts If the amount from money order sales is $100  or  more,  the  DO  must  issue  an exchange-for-cash-remittance check payable to the DO, U.S. Postal Service. This check  will  accompany  the  Military  Post Office Report of Money Order Business, PS Form  6019-MPO. If the amount from money order sales is less than $100, the money may be accepted as a safekeeping deposit or issued as a check, whichever  is  more  convenient. When designated as the auditing officer, the DO must audit and verify the money order funds and the Military  Post  Office  Report  of  Money  Order  Business, PS From 6019-MPO, each day. AUTHORIZED   PROCEDURES   IN   DOD POSTAL MANUAL.— The DO must use the auditing and verification procedures set forth in the  DOD  Postal Manual.  These  procedures  will  help  the  DO  avoid some  of  the  more  common  discrepancies. 1-17

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