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Page Title: Chapter 4 Preparing for Advancement
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CHAPTER 4 PREPARING FOR ADVANCEMENT The educational services officer (ESO) should be familiar  with  the  different  types  of  manuals  and correspondence courses available to both officer and enlisted personnel.  He or she should know how they are administered and who administers them. In 1987 the Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET)  changed  the  terminology  used  to  identify nonresident career courses (NRCCs) and rate training manuals  (RTMs)  to  nonresident  training  courses (NRTCs) and training manuals (TRAMANs). The ESO should understand the role NRTCs and TRAMANs play in the advancement process and in the training of enlisted and officer personnel.  He or she should also be familiar with the proper procedures for obtaining  and  grading  these  courses.    The  basic reference for NRTCs and TRAMANs is the Catalog of Nonresident  Training  Courses,  NAVEDTRA  12061. The  latest  copy  of  this  reference  may    be  found  at In this chapter we will be discussing the following information: T h e    p u r p o s e    o f    t r a i n i n g    m a n u a l s    a nd nonresident training courses The purpose of distribution statements Procedures for ordering training materials Procedures for administering courses Procedures for completing answer sheets Procedures for ordering and controlling answer keys Procedures for grading courses The purpose and use of occupational standards and naval standards Publications used to prepare for advancement TRAMAN AND NRTC Learning Objectives: Identify the procedure on how to order  naval  correspondence  courses  and  training manuals  and  the  types  of  courses  offered;  determine how to administer and grade correspondence. TRAMANs  and  their  associated  NRTCs  are designed  to  provide  self-study  instruction  to  naval personnel in various occupational and specialty areas (ratings and systems).  The TRAMANs and NRTCs help  personnel  gain  the  minimum  knowledges  and skills  required  by  officer  subspecialties  or  enlisted occupational standards. Enlisted candidates for advancement may satisfy mandatory  courses  by  completing  the  NRTC  and achieving  a  passing  grade  of  3.2  or  above  on  each assignment.  An NRTC, or correspondence course, is completed through self-study. It may include assigned exercises,  lessons,  or  examinations  designed  to  help the student acquire the knowledge or skill described in the  associated  text.    NRTCs  are  developed  from information  extracted  from  Navy  TRAMANs, directives, or commercially procured texts. Nonresident  training  courses  help  naval  officers improve their professional qualifications and broaden their general knowledge of the naval sciences. Some NRTCs are designed for officer and enlisted personnel.  They help officer and enlisted personnel improve or broaden their knowledge in a broad range of  subjects.    For  example,  the  course    Equal Opportunity in the Navy applies equally to both officer and  enlisted  personnel.    Several  courses  are recommended for personnel applying for the limited duty officer (LDO) and chief warrant officer (CWO) commissioning  programs.    The  completion  of recommended  courses  increases  an  applicant’s chances for a commission. Q1. What  is  the  minimum  passing  grade  for  each assignment of an NRTC? DISTRIBUTION STATEMENTS The  Naval  Education  and  Training  Professional Development  and  Technology  Center  (NETPDTC), formerly NETPMSA, assigns distribution statements to  all  TRAMANs  and  NRTCs.    ESOs  should  be familiar with the various distribution statements.  They 4-1

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