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Page Title: Enlisted Duty Preference
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section supervisor in a PERSUPPDET, or any other personnel office, must make sure all the pretransfer administrative   requirements   are   completed.   Such requirements  include  prompt  notification  and  interview of  the  member,  fully  explaining  the  orders  during  the interview, and answering any questions the member may have. Also, you must make sure the member has sufficient  obligated  service.  Keep  in  mind  the  HYT restrictions.  Furthermore,  you  must  make  sure  the message  of  suitability  or  unsuitability  is  sent  out  and filed  in  the  service  record  along  with  the  Report  of Suitability/Unsuitability  for  Overseas  Assignment, NAVPERS  1300/16,  and  service  record  entries  are made. Whenever  you  process  overseas  transfers,  use  the mandatory checklist provided in the ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 4, to make sure no items are overlooked. Refer also to OPNAVINST 1300.14A, NAVMILPERSCOM- INST  1720.1B,  and  other  pertinent  publications  when dealing  with  overseas  transfers. ENLISTED DUTY PREFERENCE As  a  PN,  you  will  counsel  personnel  on  the preparation  of  the  Enlisted  Duty  Preference  Form, NAVPERS 1306/63. This form has a direct impact on an   individual’s   next   duty   assignment.   The ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 2, provides guidance on the preparation  of  the  preference  form.  The  NAVPERS 1306/63 provides the member with the means to express his  or  her  reassignment  desires.  Duty  preferences  also provide  the  ACAs  with  valuable  and  timely  information to consider when making their reassignment decisions. Detailers often have a wide range of reassignment options available and the duty preference form aids them in filling billets. When an individual does not have a duty preference form on file, his or her detailer considers the member for assignment to any valid requirement. Inform  personnel  that  submission  of  the  duty preference form is their responsibility. PROPER SUBMISSION The   preference   form   has   clear   directions   for completion  and  coding.  The  ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter 25,  contains  duty  choices  that  may  be  requested including the codes required for completion of the duty preference  form.  OPNAVINST  3111.14U  should  be used  to  obtain  the  location  of  home  ports  of  ships  and other deployable activities. Do not separate the work form  and  coding  form  since  both  are  submitted  to CHNAVPERS (PERS 471C) for entry into the data base. Enlisted  TAR  personnel  must  submit  their  NAVPERS 1306/63  to  CHNAVPERS  (PERS  471  C).  After  the member  accurately  completes  the  forms,  retain  a  copy of both the work form and the coding form for future verification. Make sure you verify the forms before you mail them out. CODING  SECTION  COMPLETENESS The individual must make sure the coding form properly shows his or her desires and that his or her name, rate, and social security number (SSN) are correct and legible before submitting the form. Explain to the member that if the form is not legible or coded properly or has missing information, PERS 471C will not process it. REMARKS SECTION Although  NAVPERS  1306/63  reflects  most information  pertinent  to  an  individual’s  preferences  in an  encoded  manner,  no  form  of  this  type  can  be all-encompassing. Accordingly, a Remarks section is incorporated  to  allow  members  to  indicate  any information  for  which  no  coding  provision  is  available as an aid to the detailer. Examples of such information are as follows: Any  skills  possessed  by  the  member  not identified by NEC. Volunteers  for  overseas  duty  should  list  all community  supportive  skills  possessed  by  their dependents;  for  example,  teacher,  nurse,  dental technician,  and  secretary. Handicapped dependents and the area where treatment  facilities  are  known  to  exist. Expected delivery date if wife is pregnant. Date and term of reenlistment when an individual reenlists on board within 24 hours. If  married  to  another  service  member,  spouse’s full  name,  military  service,  SSN,  rate,  and present duty station. WHEN SUBMITTED Individuals  should  submit  their  initial  duty preference  after  completion  of  6  months  of  duty  at member’s first permanent duty station. A member may submit  subsequent  duty  preference  forms  any  time thereafter. Revisions should be submitted any time the 2-17

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