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Page Title: Enlisted Navy Career Options for Reenlistment Reporting
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member’s   duty   preferences   change   and   must   be submitted whenever changes in significant personal data occur (dependency status, location of household goods, and so on.) A current duty preference form must be submitted when an individual reenlists on board within 24 hours indicating date and term of reenlistment in  the  Remarks  section. Nondesignated  SN/FN/AN  under  the  detailing control  of  EPMAC  must  use  NAVPERS  1306/63  to submit  their  duty  preference  to  CHNAVPERS  (PERS 471). Refer  to  the  ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter  2,  for additional  information. ENLISTED NAVY CAREER OPTIONS FOR  REENLISTMENT  REPORTING ENCORE  is  the  process  by  which  reenlistment requests  for  first-term  personnel  are  submitted  to  the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) via EPMAC. Use the Diary Message Reporting System (DMRS) to submit all requests for action taken (ADTAKES) to BUPERS (PERS 254) with information to EPMAC. The DMRS  Users’  Manual  contains   instructions   for submission of ENCORE requests. It also provides an ENCORE   DMRS   work   sheet   and   work   sheet instructions for use by the activity in collecting and recording  all  information  necessary  to  submit  ENCORE transactions.  ENCORE  reporting  procedures  also  apply to  the  Voluntary  Separation  Incentive  (VSI)  and  Special Separation Benefit (SSB) programs. ENCORE TRANSACTION CODES A personnel and pay support unit identification code (PPSUIC)  activity  must  submit  ENCORE  transaction codes (TACs) via the DMRS. Activities serviced by the SDS or Source Data System Afloat (SDSA) use the DMRS   to   report   ENCORE   requests   pending implementation of ENCORE in the SDS. Only PPSUIC activities accept ENCORE requests. TACs, RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5, and RS6 are mandatory  for  each  initial  ENCORE  submission.  The TACs are explained in section 12 of the DMRS Users’ Manual. The  RS7 TAC is also explained in the  DMRS Users’ Manual and is only required if the RS1 TAC indicates  the  member  is  not  eligible  for  reenlistment. The RS7 TAC can also be used to record remarks of either the member or the activity. ENCORE  requests  must  be  submitted  for first-term  personnel. The  RS8  TAC,  also  explained  in  the  DMRS Users’  Manual,  is  submitted  to  cancel  a  previous ENCORE  submission. All ENCORE TACs must conform to the formats provided  in  the  ENCORE  work  sheet  shown  in DMRS Users’ Manual. USE AND DISPOSITION OF THE ENCORE WORK SHEET the On  completion  of  all  blocks  in  the  ENCORE  work sheet,  it  must  be  delivered  to  the  PPSUIC  office (PERSUPPDET/administrative/personnel office) responsible  for  the  personnel  accounting  function.  The work sheet provides information to enter the ENCORE request in the DMRS for transmission to EPMAC. The work sheet should be retained in case a resubmission or correction of the ENCORE information is necessary. CORRECTION AND RESUBMISSION OF ENCORE  INFORMATION EPMAC rejects ENCORE information that cannot be  processed  because  of  invalid  or  insufficient information and tells the submitting activity to resubmit the  correct  information.  The  entire  battery  of  ENCORE TACs need not be resubmitted. In most cases, valid TACs remain and only TACs containing errors or invalid information  need  to  be  resubmitted. As a senior PN, you will be involved in counseling eligible   service   members   concerning   their   career intentions. You will also submit information as required in the DMRS Users’ Manual (DMRSMAN),  1080#1 UM-01A. SUMMARY This chapter was designed to make you aware of some counseling techniques that you can use whenever the need arises to counsel personnel. Subject areas that you  will  deal  with  when  counseling  members  and subject areas that you, as a senior PN, must be familiar with were also discussed. Additionally, this chapter discussed ENCORE reporting. This chapter, as well as other  chapters,  provides  you  with  references  you  should review  so  you  can  always  provide  and  use  current information. 2-18

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