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Page Title: Chapter III Personnel Support
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CHAPTER 3 PERSONNEL  SUPPORT In chapter 2, you read about Navy enlisted ratings. Do you now see how all the different ratings provide for the overall utilization of enlisted personnel in support of  the  Navy’s  mission?  Do  you  also  recognize  how  the Navy’s   ratings   provide   for   the   specialties   and occupations  the  Navy  must  have  to  support  its  goals? Can you also see how changes in the Navy’s goals will result in manpower changes in the future? In your career, you will become directly involved in dealing with and processing these changes. As  a  Personnelman  (PN),  you  will  perform numerous clerical and personnel administrative duties associated with manpower utilization and personnel support. You will maintain personnel records, prepare reports,  and  accomplish  accounting  and  management procedures for your command. You will also counsel enlisted  personnel  concerning  Navy  ratings,  training, advancement,   educational   opportunities,   and   the requirements, rights, benefits, and advantages of a Navy career. To do your job effectively, you must be able to make use of the appropriate authoritative publications and  directives  and  understand  the  procedures  you should  use  to  administer  to  and  account  for  the personnel at your command. This  chapter  discusses  some  important  personnel support areas with which you will be involved. In this chapter, you will read about why you should be familiar with the Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system and how you will use the NEC codes to monitor, update, and maintain personnel records and report manpower utilization information for your command. You will also learn how to process enlisted personnel action requests, hardship discharge requests, and humanitarian reassignment  requests. You  will  read  about  the processing   and   issuing   procedures   for   various identification cards (ID) and meal passes. Although this chapter will cover several important areas, it will not cover all the facets of personnel support you will encounter  in  your  career.  You  will  find  additional information on other aspects of this broad category in the   remaining   chapters   of   this   training   manual (TRAMAN). After reading the information in this chapter, you should be able to describe the purpose, structure, and codes of the NEC structure and the procedures you should  use  for  processing  recommendations  for assignment  or  cancellation  of  NECs.  You  should  also be  able  to  recognize  the  correct  procedures  for processing  enlisted  personnel  action  requests,  hardship requests, and humanitarian reassignment requests. You should be able to describe the purpose of the Geneva Conventions  ID  cards  and  the  procedures  you  should use  for  verifying  and  processing  applications  for  other armed forces ID cards. Also, you should be able to explain  the  use  of  meal  passes  and  the  correct procedures for typing, issuing, and accounting for them. NAVY  ENLISTED  CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM In  chapter  2,  you  read  about  the  occupational specialties  associated  with  each  individual  Navy  rating. Now, let’s look at the NEC system and how the NEC codes figure into your responsibilities as a PN. The  Navy  Enlisted  Occupational  Classification System consists of three major subsystems: (1) the enlisted rating structure, (2) the NECs, and (3) special qualifications. In chapter 2, you read about the first subsystem, the enlisted rating structure, and how it consists of rates and ratings that form the framework for enlisted career development   and   how   it   is   also   used   as   an administrative  tool  to  identify  the  primary qualifications of every enlisted member in the Navy. The  second  subsystem,  the  NECs,  supplements  the enlisted rating structure by providing codes that identify special knowledge and skills required in specific billets or  manpower  authorizations.  The  NEC  codes  provide a  more  specific  identification  of  personnel  and manpower requirements and go beyond the general scope  of  the  enlisted  rating  structure.  The  third subsystem,  special  qualifications,  identifies  highly specialized qualifications that go beyond the scope of the requirements of an individual rating. NEC CODES As part of the NEC system, the NEC codes identify a  nonrating-wide  skill,  knowledge,  aptitude,  or 3-1

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