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Page Title: Enlisted Performance Record (Page 9)
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do not hesitate to notify BUPERS by telephone, letter, or  message. COURT MEMORANDUM (PAGE 7) According  to  the  MILPERSMM,  Article  5030320, the Court Memorandum, NAVPERS 1070/607, page 7 of  the  enlisted  service  record,  is  used  to  record court-martial and nonjudicial punishment actions that affect an individual’s pay. Punishment that does not affect pay is recorded on the Administrative Remarks, NAVPERS 1070/613, page 13 of the enlisted service record. Figure  5-20  shows  a  sample  of  a  blank NAVPERS 1070/607 (OCR) form. Figure 5-21 shows a  sample  of  a  completed  NAVPERS  1070/607  SDS form. This form is prepared and distributed according to the guidelines in the DFAS PAYPERSMAN and/or SDSPROMAN,   as   appropriate.   AS with  the  WR NAVPERS 1070/606, you may have come across the OCR NAVPERS 1070/607. If you are on a ship, you should be aware that in the future these forms may be prepared by a computer system such as the SDS used at the  PERSUPPDETs. ENLISTED  PERFORMANCE  RECORD (PAGE 9) According to the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030360, the   Enlisted   Performance   Record,   NAVPERS 1070/609, page 9 of the enlisted service record, is a chronological   record   of   an   enlisted   member’s performance evaluations and career milestones. The page 9 is prepared as soon as practical atler a member enlists or reenlists in the Navy or Naval Reserve. The original form is prepared with the member’s full name and social security number (SSN) at the bottom of the page.  Entries  are  made  on  this  page  under  instructions pertaining  to  the  Enlisted  Performance  Evaluation System  and  MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030360.  Figure 5-22 shows a page 9 containing sample entries. For  complete  guidance  on  making  page  9  entries, always refer to the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030360. If you need to make corrections to the page 9, refer to the   MILPERSMAN,   Article   5040100.   The information in the following sections is limited to a clarification of the reason codes in column 2 of the page 9. Reason  Codes As you may have already noticed in figure 5-22, column 2 of the page 9 contains a number of reason codes. As a PN, you are required to know what these codes mean. You must be able to use them correctly whenever the need arises. CODE P.— Code P stands for Periodic. You will use code P whenever you record a member’s annual performance   evaluation   marks.   These   enlisted performance  evaluations  are  prepared  annually according to specific guidelines set forth in the Navy Performance Evaluation and Counseling Manual (Eval Manual),  BUPERSINST  1610.10. CODE T.— Code T stands for Transfer. Use code T whenever you record performance evaluation marks that are prepared on the occasion of an individual’s transfer. CODE S.— Code S stands for Special. You will use  code   S  whenever   you   record   any   type   of performance evaluation marks of an individual who has been given a special evaluation. Whether the special evaluation  is  derogatory  in  nature  or  pertains  to  a sustained superior performance, you will use code  S for any type of performance evaluation marks resulting from  a  special  evaluation. CODE SUP.— Code SUP stands  for  Supplemental This code is used whenever you record supplemental performance  evaluation  information  submitted  per BUPERSINST  1610.10. CODE M.—  Code M stands  for  Memorandum. This  code  is  used  whenever  you  record  significant career events. Some of the memorandum entries under code  M will  have  their  own  individual  codes.  For example,  MM stands for Meritorious Mast,  NJP stands for  Nonjudicial  punishment,  SCM stands  for  Summary Court-Martial,  SPCM stands  for  Special  Court-Martial, GCM stands for General Court-Martial, CR stands for Change in Rating,  AR stands  for  Advancement  in  Rate, and RR stands  for  Reduction  in  Rate. Disposition The page 9 is retained in the member’s service record until it is closed. When the service record is closed,  a  reproduced  copy  of  the  page  is  made  and certified,  and  disposition  is  made  according  to  the member’s  status. IMMEDIATE  REENLISTMENTS.—  For members  who  immediately  reenlist,  the  original  page  9 5-33

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