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470,  and  the  pages  must  be  identified  accordingly. The Cash Receipt Book, NAVSUP Form 470, will be  kept  in  the  custody  of  the  vending  machine operator. Meter readings are taken at the time of collection  and  used  to  determine  the  amount  of cash  that  should  be  in  the  vending  machine.  A record of these meter readings is maintained on the  NAVSUP  Form  469  under  the  column  marked Number of Customers. The previous day’s meter reading  minus  the  meter  reading  at  the  time  of collection times the selling price should equal the cash  collected. LOCKED  MONEY  BOXES When  locked  money  boxes  are  installed  in drink   vending   machines,   the   boxes   will   be numbered on the outside and issued to the vending machine  operator  by  the  person  responsible  for cash collections. Before issuing the locked money boxes, the collection agent will make sure the box is key locked and a seal is affixed over the lock opening. The number of the seal will be recorded in  an  unused  column  of  the  Cash  Register  Record, NAVSUP   Form   469. Delivery by the Vending Machine Operator The   vending   machine   operator   may   be required to deliver the locked money boxes to the person  making  collections.  If  this  is  done,  you should first take the meter reading and write it down  before  you  remove  the  money  box.  After you  remove  the  full  money  box,  replace  it  with the  empty  one.  The  locked  money  boxes  in vending machines are provided with two sets of keys, one locks the box inside the machine, while the  other  opens  the  money  box  itself.  The  vending machine operator will have the key that removes the box from the machine, and the other key that opens  the  money  box  will  be  retained  by  the person  making  collections.  If  the  vending  machine you are maintaining is not equipped with a meter to  count  sales,  you  should  figure  out  how  many cans you sold when you replace the money boxes. The total cans in the machine at the last collection plus the cans put in the machine minus the total cans in the machine at the time of collection equal the number of cans sold. After you get the meter reading  or  figure  out  the  number  of  cans  sold, you  will  deliver  the  locked  money  box  to  the  ship’s store  officer  or  cash  collection  agent.  Cash  will be  counted  by  the  person  making  collections  in the  vending  machine  operator’s  presence.  The person  making  collections  will  then  make  sure  the vending machine operator agrees with the meter reading or number of cans sold for each machine and will use them to see if the cash collected is over  or  short.  When  the  money  box  is  delivered to the cash collection agent instead of the ship’s store  officer,  the  ship’s  store  officer  must  make sure the collection agent is personally reading each vending  machine  meter  at  least  twice  weekly. Optional Procedures There  may  be  times  such  as  weekends  or  after regular   working   hours   when   the   ship’s   store officer  or  the  cash  collection  agent  is  not  available to  accept  the  vending  machine  coin  box.  In  this case  one  of  two  things  must  be  done.  Place  the money box in a night depository safe or turn the locked money box and meter reading over to the supply  department  duty  officer  or  another commissioned  duty  officer  for  safekeeping. When  the  second  method  is  used,  a  money  box log will be maintained by the duty officer receiving the  money  box.  Each  time  the  vending  machine operator  delivers  or  receives  a  money  box  from the duty officer, an entry will be made in this log and signed by both persons. When the money box is turned in, the duty officer will keep the money box in a safe place until the next day. The vending machine operator will pick up the money box and the  cash  will  be  collected  and  compared  to  the meter  reading  or  number  of  cans  sold. VENDING  MACHINE  CONTROLS The  Vending  Machine  Control,  NAVSUP Form  236,  is  prepared  monthly  by  the  office recordskeeper,  for  each  drink  vending  machine operated  aboard  ship  and  will  be  signed  by  the ship’s store officer. The quantity of drinks in the custody  of  the  vending  machine  operator  is determined at the beginning and the end of each month. This is done by inventorying the number of drinks in the vending machine and any backup stock that is in the custody of the vending machine operator. The final cash collection of the month is done at the same time inventory is taken on each machine. Vending Machines in Separate Responsibility   Operations When  one  or  more  machines  are  operated under separate responsibility, the vending machine operator will maintain a daily record of vending 2-28

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