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Page Title: Individual Country Listings
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Subchapter 120—Preparation for Mailing Part 123 Customs Forms Section 123.6 Required Usage Subsection 123.61—Conditions INDIVIDUAL COUNTRY LISTINGS The Individual Country Listings cover all mailing information for most countries.  Countries are listed in alphabetical  order  starting  with  Afghanistan  and ending with Zimbabwe.  Figure 6-1 is a partial listing of  mailing  conditions  and  postage  rates  for  Great Britain  and  Northern  Ireland  as  they  appear  in  the IMM.     The  G3  listed  at  the  top  of  the  page  is  a letter-number combination that refers to a grid square on the World Map of the IMM. Refer to the World Map Index for the exact location of any country. COUNTRIES NOT LISTED Not  all  countries  or  localities  are  listed  in  the Individual Country Listings.  Notice that in figure 6-2 the locality of Alderney, Channel Islands is shown. This means that if an article is addressed for delivery in Alderney,  Channel  Islands,  the  conditions  and  rates listed for Great Britain and Northern Ireland also apply for Alderney, Channel Island.  But, what if you did not know  that  Alderney,  Channel  Island  is  listed  under Great Britain? If a country or locality is not listed in the Individual Country Listings, then go to the Index of Countries and Localities. This is an alphabetical list of countries and localities not listed individually.  Figure 6-2 shows some of the countries and localities listed in this section. The country that you should look under in the Individual Country Listings is shown to the right in parentheses. CATEGORIES OF INTERNATIONAL MAIL International   mail   is   comprised   of   three categories: Postal Union Parcel Post Express  Mail  International  Service  (EMIS). This  service  is  not  available  at  military  post offices. Q6-l. Mail   addressed   to   a   foreign   country   is identified as what type of mail? Q6-2. Each  time  an  article  addressed  to  a  foreign country   is   presented   for   mailing,   to   what publication must you refer? Q6-3. To locate a country not listed separately in the Individual Country Listings, you should refer to what section of the IMM? Q6-4. What are the three categories of international mail? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. POSTAL UNION MAIL Learning Objective: Identify the classes of, and  the  procedures  for  processing  Postal Union mail. Postal Union mail consists of two classes, broken down  into  subclasses.     These  classes  and  their subclasses are as follows: LC-an abbreviation of the French words Lettres et Cartes (Letters and Cards). This mail includes postal and post cards, aerogrammes, letters, and letter  packages.    Of  the  two  classes  of  Postal Union mail, personal correspondence can only be  enclosed  in  the  LC  subclass  of  letters  and letter packages. AO-an abbreviation of the French words Autres Objets  (Other  Articles).     This  mail  includes printed matter (books, newspapers, magazines, sheet  music,  and  publisher’s  periodicals,  also catalogs and directories), matter for the blind, and small packets. PROHIBITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS The first thing you will have to determine about an article  presented  for  mailing  is  whether  or  not  it  is mailable.     All  articles  that  are  nonmailable  in  the domestic mail are prohibited in the international mail. Refer to the Individual Country Listings section of the IMM  and  Module  C  of  the  DMM.     Certain  other articles are prohibited or restricted in postal union mail to some or all countries. 6-2

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