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Page Title: Box Lunch Assembly
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Steps in Producing Sandwiches with Salad Fillings
Mess Management Specialist 3 & 2 - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Galley-Prepared Soups
When you are refrigerating fillings, they should be placed in shallow pans so that the contents will be quickly  and  completely  chilled.  Whenever  possible, sandwiches should be made to order. Sandwiches intended to be eaten hot, such as a reuben  or  hot  roast  beef,  must  be  prepared  upon customer  request  or  immediate  before  serving  in  a feeding operation such as a GM. .  Never  place  or  prepare  sandwiches  on  a  cutting board or surface that has been used to prepare raw chicken  or  turkey. .   Keep   sandwich   counter   and   equipment thoroughly  clean  and  sanitized. . Clean chill boxes and accessories frequently to avoid mold and undesirable odors. . Use sanitized utensils instead of hands whenever possible. l Requisition and prepare food in the quantities needed so that there will be a rapid turnover and as few leftovers  as  possible. .   Keep   the   time   between   preparation   and consumption to a minimum. .  Pack  or  serve  lettuce,  tomatoes,  and  spreads  used in bag or box lunches separately. l Keep the filled sandwiches at a temperature of 40°F  or  lower  if  possible. .   Avoid   leftovers.   Do   not   use   any   foods   for sandwich fillings, including leftover meat and eggs, that have been held at 40°F or over for more than 30 minutes.  Bacteria  grow  more  rapidly  in  some  foods than in others. .  Immediately  following  the  preparation,  wrap each sandwich separately and refrigerate. Never use a dampened  cloth  or  towel  to  keep  bread  or  sandwiches moist. . Avoid stacking a large number of sandwiches or   placing   sandwiches   in   cardboard   boxes.   This method  actually  insulates  the  food  and  prevents  it from cooling as fast as it should to the desired storage temperature. l  When  sandwich  meals  are  prepared  for  box lunches,   the   boxes   should   be   marked   in   the following manner to make sure customers know the safe  time  limit  within  which  the  meals  should  be eaten: Date and time issued: Keep under refrigeration or eat by: (within 4 hours after time of issue) Prepared  by: (initials/time/date) Box  Lunch  Assembly For  efficient  assembly  of  box  lunches,  devise  a checklist of all items to be included and post where it is plainly visible to those responsible for filling the orders. Be sure to list items to be served with the meals, such as salt and pepper, cream substitute and sugar, and other appropriate  condiments  and  spreads. Because choices of food items for box meals are limited, menu planners may find it difficult to include a wide variety of food. The AFRS has many recipes for sandwiches, breads and rolls, desserts, and relishes that will help give variety to menus. Selections  from  the  following  food  items  are suggested for inclusion in breakfast, lunch, or dinner box or a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j k l. m. n. o. bag  meals: Fruit Juice Cereal,  ready-to-eat,  instant  or  cold Breads, pastries, rolls, butter, or jam Eggs  (especially  hard-boiled) Soup Cheese Meat Relishes  (raw  vegetables,  pickles,  or  olives) Condiments  and  salad  dressings Accompaniments   (cranberry   sauce   or applesauce) Desserts (pudding, yogurt, or bakery items) Milk Beverages  (cold  or  hot) Raisins,  nuts,  or  granola-type  bars Suggested menu patterns for box meal menus can be found in NAVSUP P-421. 5-22

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