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Page Title: NAvywide Advancement Examinations
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the number of years a person is allowed to remain on active duty, you must refer to  Reenlistment   Quality Control  Program,  OPNAVINST   1160.5B. ADVANCEMENT  PREPARATION Candidates  need  to  know  how  to  prepare  for advancement and what materials to study. As a first class or  chief  petty  officer,  whether  you  serve  the  educational services officer (ESO) or not, you play an important role in the preparation for advancement of all candidates in your command and, in some cases, of other commands. Make sure you are knowledgeable in all respects on advancement   requirements. Encourage  all  eligible  candidates  to  complete  their requirements   on   time.   Make   sure   required correspondence  courses,  Personnel  Advancement Requirements (PARs), advancement handbooks, and so on, are available for them. CANDIDATE RESPONSIBILITIES Candidates for advancement must be prepared. They should not wait until the last minute to prepare and study for advancement. They should prepare for the examination in the following ways: By knowing their ratings By getting plenty of sleep the night before the examination   By making sure all requirements are completed on time and entered in their service records By being prepared to do their best Equally important in preparing for advancement is the reamer in which candidates do their jobs. This, of course,  is  shown  in  their  evaluations.  A  sustained performance shown in an evaluation adds points to the candidate’s  FMS. NAVYWIDE  ADVANCEMENT EXAMINATIONS As  we  mentioned  earlier,  all  eligible  personnel compete for advancement or change in rating to fill vacancies in the total Navy/Naval Reserve allowances. Candidates compete for these vacancies by taking a Navywide advancement examination. NETPMSA develops examinations for paygrades E-4 through E-7 for all Navy ratings. Examinations contain 150 questions supported by the occupational standards   (OCCSTDs)   for   each   rate   and   rating. OCCSTDs express the Navy’s minimum requirement for   enlisted   occupational   skills   established   by manpower and personnel managers. They form the basis for implementing and supporting actions for personnel training,  advancement,  and  distribution.  The  exam writers  use  the  OCCSTDs  to  support  advancement exams. The training manual writers also base their training manuals on OCCSTDs. NETPMSA   scores   and   processes   examination sheets  using  a  high-speed  electronic  scanner. Examination  grades  are  then  combined  with  other factors to determine the advancement status of qualified personnel.  Eligible  personnel  are  advanced  to  PO3 through PO1 to fill Navywide vacancies on the basis of their  FMSs  (examination  scores  plus  performance factors). An examination is not required for advancement to E-8  or  E-9.  Advancement  to  chief  petty  officer  (CPO), senior  chief  petty  officer  (SCPO),  and  master  chief  petty officer  (MCPO)  requires  selection  board  action.  Boards are convened annually by the Chief of Naval Personnel (CHNAVPERS). CPO, SCPO, and MCPO candidates who  qualify  for  selection  board  consideration  are designated  Selection  Board  Eligible  (SBE)  by NETPMSA.  The  total  number  selected  is  based  on Navywide vacancies. CPO candidates are designated SBE on the basis of their FMSs. SCPO and MCPO candidates  are  designated  SBE  based  on  the recommendation of their CO. ORDERING  EXAMINATIONS NETPMSA   sends   the   examination   ordering instructions  and  examination  order  forms,  NETPMSA 1418/6, for the next E-4 through E-6 examination cycle with the initial results from the previous examination cycle. Ordering instructions and forms for the next E-7 examination cycle are sent with the results from the previous E-7 selection board. If  your  command  does  not  receive  some examination ordering instructions, and examination order forms from NETPMSA, request the forms from NETPMSA  by  letter,  NAVGRAM,  or  message.  To prevent  shipping  double  orders,  do  not  send  a  follow-up letter or a message order with the order forms if you subsequently obtain some order forms. You must determine the probable number of eligible candidates,  including  those  taking  the  test  for  limited 3-8

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