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Page Title: Chapter VI Officer Service Records
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Figure 5-34.—Good Conduct Award certificate
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Verifying Documents
CHAPTER 6 OFFICER SERVICE RECORDS This  chapter  discusses  officer  service  records  and some of the ways in which you, the Personnelman (PN), will come into contact with these records. You will read about how officer personnel records are created and verified. You will also read about permanent officer microfiche records and officer field service records, the officer’s junk jacket, and the transfer and disposition of officer  service  records  and  health  treatment  records. Depending on where you are stationed, you maybe tasked  with  maintaining  officer  service  records  along with enlisted service records. You may have already been  involved  in  making  entries  in  officer  service records  as  well  as  performing  officer  transfers  and receipts. This is why all PNs must be familiar with officer  service  records.  After  studying  the  information in this chapter, you should be able to recognize your potential  role  in  the  creation,  maintenance,  and verification of officer service records and understand certain  procedures  involving  officer  transfers  and receipts. As   the   Navy   continues   to   downsize,   the consolidation of officer and enlisted records may occur. Keep in mind that this will be a gradual process, and your  professional  responsibilities  may  change  as  a result. You may be assigned to a command in which the maintenance  of  officer  and  enlisted  records  is  the responsibility of both the Yeomen (YNs) and the PNs. As Navy ratings change, merge, and diversify, you must prepare yourself for the possibility of having to maintain both officer and enlisted personnel records. As in the case of enlisted personnel records, the information contained in officer field service records is only for the eyes of personnel who are directly involved with the handling of these records. If you are involved in  handling  officer  service  records,  make  certain  they are secure. Even if you consolidate officer and enlisted records in one place for the sake of convenience, make sure you maintain them in separate files in a secure place. CREATION OF OFFICER PERSONNEL RECORDS According  to  the   Naval  Military  Personnel Manual,   (MILPERSMAN),  Article  5030131,  the following  two  personnel  records  are  created  and maintained for each officer of the Navy and the Naval Reserve: 1.  The  permanent  record  in  microfiche  form maintained  by  the  Chief  of  Naval  Personnel (CHNAVPERS). 2.  The  U.S.  Navy  Officer  Service  Record, NAVPERS  1070/66,  and  the  Military  Health  Treatment Records,  NAVMED  6150/10-19  (Medical  and  Dental), maintained in paper format by the officer’s current duty station.  An  example  of  an  officer  service  record  is shown in figure 6-1. These  records  are  the  property  of  the  U.S. Government and not the officer. The review or release of these records is limited to personnel who require access to the records in the performance of their official duties.  You  will  read  more  about  the  two  required officer personnel records. First, let’s take a look at how an  officer  service  record  is  created  or  “opened.” OPENING THE OFFICER SERVICE RECORD The  activity  delivering  the  officer  appointment creates  (opens)  the  officer  service  record  when  a  person accepts a commission in the Regular Navy or Naval Reserve.  According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030120, that activity must also verify the contents of each  document  and  the  overall  service  record.  Upon  a member’s  application  and  acceptance  of  appointment  to commissioned status, the activity creates the officer service record by verifying and forwarding the officer’s commissioning and other service record documents (as indicated  in  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030131)  via Commander, Navy   Recruiting   Command (COMNAVCRUITCOM), Code 13, to CHNAVPERS (PERS 313C1). As a PN, you may become involved in the verification and forwarding procedures involved in opening  officer  service  records. NOTE: If  an  officer  candidate  or  Naval  Academy midshipman either is disenrolled from training and retained in the naval service as an enlisted member, or is  discharged  with  an  entry  level  separation,  or  is deceased, your command must follow the procedures 6-1

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