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Index - 14317_439
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Index, Continued - 14317_441
Entitlement to use military postal facilities Continued Service for related organizations, 1-18 unauthorized personnel, 1-18 Exchanging damaged stamp stock, 8-14 Express mail, 4-3 acceptance, 4-3 cut-off time, 4-4 determining postage, 4-3 distribution of label 11-B, 4-4 express mail military service (EMMS) accounting procedures, 4-4 packaging, 4-3 USPS Label 11-B, 4-3 F Facilities for mail deposit, 9-15 collection boxes, 9-15 collection schedules, 9-16 locking devices for collection boxes, 9-15 Finance, postal, 8-1 First class mail, 4-5 balloon surcharge, 4-10 canceling the stamps, 4-10 determining the postal zone, 4-7 endorsements, 4-10 examples of first-class matter, 4-5 first-class zone rated (priority) mail, 4-6 first-class zone rates, 4-8 official zone charts, 4-7 periodicals mailed by the general public, 4-11 postage rates, 4-7 postal zones, 4-6 two or more packages, 4-10 weight and size limits, 4-6 what may be mailed by the general public, 4-11 Fixed credit, 8-5 authorization letter for retention of stamp stock in excess of $1000 by a window clerk, 8-8 change in custody, 8-7 custody of fixed credit, 8-6 establishing original stamp stock, 8-5 increasing or decreasing, 8-11 receipt of original stamp stock, 8-5 Forms of addresses, 3-9 acceptable addresses, 3-9 address placement, 3-9 FPO addresses, 3-11 mail sent via Department of State, 3-11 military addresses, 3-10 nonacceptable addresses, 3-9 sender’s instructions for holding mail, 3-9 H Hazardous matter, 3-13 casualty mail, 11-25 controlled substances, 3-14 dead mail, 11-25 flammable materials, 3-13 Hold mail, 11-19 incorrectly  addressed  or  illegible  addressed  mail, 11-23 mail for decommissioned ships and disestablished stations, 11-26 matches, 3-14 members absent without leave (AWOL), 11-20 members due to arrive, 11-20 refused mail, 11-20 toxic substances, 3-14 I Increasing or decreasing fixed credit, 8-11 decrease, 8-13 increase, 8-11 Inquiry about a registered article or an insured parcel or an ordinary article, 10-14 Integrated retail terminal, 8-52 International Mail Checklist, 6-21 International Mail Manual, 6-1 categories of international mail, 6-2 countries not listed, 6-2 individual country listings, 6-2 locating information, 6-1 makeup of the international mail manual, 6-1 L Loads, types of, 3-1 acceptable containers, 3-1 average load, 3-1 boxes, 3-2 cans and drums, 3-3 difficult load, 3-1 easy load, 3-1 envelopes, 3-3 fiberboard tubes and long packages, 3-3 outside wraps for boxes, 3-3 package surfaces, 3-2 M Mail bombs, 3-14 Mail Directory Service, 11-1 INDEX-2

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